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Are you looking for drapes cleaning experts in Canberra? If yes, then you are at the right place. Hire our drapes cleaning Canberra team today!

Platinum Curtain Cleaning Canberra offers the best and affordable drapes and curtains cleaning services across Canberra. Our team is committed and hardworking. Further, they are available 24×7 to offer you drapes cleaning service on the same day of booking. We provide service in residential and commercial areas too. So, do not hold yourself back and hire our professional drape cleaners now! We are available on weekends and public holidays too.

Why Are Drapes, Curtains, and Blinds Cleaning Important?

Drapes, blinds, and curtains are installed in the home to enhance the décor and offer some privacy to family members. Further, it even blocks sunlight and covers the windows. With time, dirt and dust can accumulate over them, causing several health issues, including allergies, skin problems, and breathing issues. Plus, it can even spoil the look of the house and cause a foul smell in the house. The best way to eliminate these issues is cleaning. Along with that, regular cleaning can even help your detect issues early and resolve them. So, a small investment in professional curtains and drapes cleaning service in Canberra can save extra expenditure you would have to pay to eliminate problems later. Therefore, always a planned way of cleaning is essential for your drapes and curtains.

Our Cleaning Services in Canberra

Cleaning of tails, swags, pelmets, Roman, and bonded blinds

Drapery cleaning Canberra services

Dry cleaning services

Curtain cleaning services

Mould treatment and remediation

Relining of curtains and drapes

Track repair and replacements

At Platinum Curtain Cleaning, we offer an exceptional cleaning service at a modest price. Call on 0480091379 to find out more about our services.

We take down the drape, remove the hooks from the rods holding the lining. We get the curtains down to ensure that the cleaning solvent cleans every corner of the drapes. Our drapes cleaning technicians ensure that your drapes are dust-free, stain-free, and bug excrement-free. We are experts in removing stains from the curtains.

Once the drapes cleaning Canberra process is completed, our technicians hook the drapes back to the shanks. Plus, our drape cleaners check the entire drape to ensure there is no shrinkage or colour fade. Further, if required, we insert new shanks to hold the lining and fabric together. The drapes are fan-folded and bagged to deliver to the storage unit or your home. Our technicians even hang back the drapes to the windows.

Curtain and Drapes Cleaning Service in Canberra

At Platinum Drape Cleaning Canberra, we aim to offer the highest quality curtain and drapes cleaning service across Canberra and its surroundings. We even repair, install new tracks, rehang, dry clean, and steam clean the drapes. Further, we advised the clients to avoid taking down the drapes on their own, as doing so, the drapes may get damaged while removing, and our technicians are unable to spot the issues properly. We can repair all the drapes issues with perfection. Plus, we are always delighted to resolve your problems at any point in time. So, call on 0480091379 and hire our professional drape cleaning technicians. Our technicians are just a call away!

Drape cleaning involves extreme care, and Platinum Curtain Cleaning has the experience, tools, and knowledge to resolve your drapes issues. Further, our technicians are mindful of even the tiniest detail to ensure that you get the desired result.

We have successfully offered high-quality drape cleaning services across Canberra for over two decades. Further, we are the most reliable and trustworthy drapes and curtains cleaning service provider. Our attention to detail and efficient cleaning procedures have made us the best cleaners in the industry. At Platinum Curtain Cleaning Canberra, we feel that it is our responsibility to analyse the drape’s condition before starting the cleaning procedure.

During the inspection we observe the following:

Note the damages on the drapes, including stains, spots, burns, and defects.

We take exact measurements of the width and length of the drapes. It is done to avoid any misunderstandings with regard to the shrinkage of your drapes after cleaning.

We understand the possible damages associated with the drapes.

Our technicians discuss any special spot you want us to observe.

Point out the possible risks associated with the type of material.

Agree on the cost of drapes cleaning Canberra

Our superior quality drapes cleaning service has won the trust of several clients across Canberra. We even customise our finishing, such as proper setting and ironing the lining. At Platinum Curtain Cleaning Canberra, we believe the drapes cleaning service is incomplete without ironing and setting. We even deodorise the drapes to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

So, for an unmatched drapes cleaning service in Canberra, contact us on 0480091379. Our technicians will come and pick up drapes from anywhere in Canberra. Call us now!


How frequently should drapes be cleaned?

Drapes and curtains can be removed and cleaned by a professional at least once in six months. To book an appointment, call on 0480091379 now!!

How much does it cost for drapes cleaning Canberra service?

Platinum Drapes Cleaning offers the best drapes cleaning service at an affordable price. Call on 0480091379 and ask for a express booking on-call.

What is the need for a drapes cleaning service?

Stained and dirty drapes can spread several health issues such as skin diseases, allergies, respiratory problems, headaches, and more. Therefore, it is advised to clean drapes regularly and hire a professional once in six months to deeply clean them.

Do the cleaning solvents damage fabric?

At Platinum Curtain Cleaning Canberra, we use government-approved, eco-friendly, and non-toxic cleaning solvents that do not cause any damage to the fabric. Call on 0480091379 to know more about our services.

Are the drape cleaners certified?

At Platinum Curtain Cleaning, we aim to offer you the best drape cleaning service and work with qualified and certified technicians.

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